1917 on the canvas

The home theater is still diligently used both by me and by the younger guard.
And since I got an Apple TV 4K in the home theater, most things have been seen through this one.
Some may argue that they do not see the difference in the picture from Apple TV to a 4K Blu-ray player.
I have a Samsung UBD-8500 , and both audio and video are a notch better on it.
But the player has gradually become less and less used, is a little too easy to just click a few buttons to access movies on Apple TV.
Tonight it was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the little ones, while I had a nice movie night with the war drama 1917.

I think it takes longer between each film which is something to brag about nowadays.
But 1917 is definitely one of the better movies I've seen in the last few months.
The plot is set for World War I at the front in France.
2 guys (Schofield and Blake) are assigned to bring a message to a battalion of English soldiers.
The message will prevent the battalion from attacking German retreating forces.
The Germans have set up a trap that will exterminate the English soldiers if they attack.

Schofield and Blake's trip through the front line and further out into the French countryside is filmed in such a way that one gets the feeling of being present in the action. The film is supposed to have no cuts or interruptions, which certainly contributes to the atmosphere. This works especially well when they crawl through mud and corpses at the front line. The image slides forward the ground approximately at eye level to the soldiers.
They must have had some cuts 😉, because the action should go over a period of about 9 hours.

So one of the better movie moments for a while.

Trailer from 1917

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