The old house has been sold

Then the house is finally sold !!
The home theater is partly also sold with the house.
That is, the Barco and the canvas are hanging.
Have also thought that cables and house box should accompany the sale.
The barco weighs around 80kg after all, so I'm glad I don't have to lug it around.

Speakers, amplifier and blu-ray player I take with me to the new house.
Not sure these are used in the home theater, but had plans to procure
a couple of Sonos things I could use the speakers and amplifier for.

In any case, it is a great relief to have been sold away.

The weekend has otherwise been spent in Gol at Per's hotel.
Mom and Dad celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, and invited children,
sons-in-law and grandchildren with them.
Everything from stays to mega food was covered by the jubilants.
Has been a cozy weekend with lots of good food and drink.
But now it's back to everyday life.

Prometheus on blu-ray 3D

Prometheus has arrived as a 3D version on Blu-Ray.
Have only one thing to say about this movie: buy it !!
Have been a fan of Aliens since I was 13 years old and saw No. 2 in a row for the first time on a trip to a school friend. Had nightmares about these creatures for a long time afterwards 🙂
But has gradually become one of the better things I have seen when it comes to sci-fi.

When Prometheus now came as a prequel to these Aliens movies, it's a long awaited movie for me. Should not reveal any of the plot, but despite some logical flaws, I liked this so much that it gets a permanent place in the film collection.
A small preview of Prometheus below.

Still closer to finished house.

Since I have not been able to start anything special with the home theater yet,
there will be some updates from the actual house construction first.
Will eventually start laying the sound floor in the home theater.
Then I can finally start writing about what this blog is really about.

But first a little more from the house project to the finished house.
During the weekend, the wall in the garage plaster was finished,
and the rest of the plaster on the outside is finished.

The wall in the garage is finished plastered.

The wall in the garage is finished plastered.

Have otherwise gotten most of the lamps into the house.
The spots in the stairs are from SG, type Capella .
I'm excited about what light these provide in the stairwell.

Spotter type Capella

Spots to be mounted in the stairwell.

Listing and lining of windows, as well as laying of laminate flooring are also finished in the attic.
Now it's just for me and dad to finish the tiles in the bathroom, then the attic is ready to move into.

Listing on the lot is almost done.

Listing on the lot is almost done.

The bedroom facing west towards the sea,
has by far the best view of the whole house.
Would have liked to have had this myself, but have chosen to use
it as a guest room in the first place.

The bedroom with the best view.

The bedroom with the best view.

From this room has a view down to Florøvika
and north towards Årebråt and Kalvåg.
I like to set up a home office up here
instead of down in the basement.

View of Florøvika.

View of Florøvika.

Stryntrapp is fitted

The staircase is mounted

Finally, the stairs are mounted into the shed.
This is a stryntrapp in all-white design.
Is almost like getting a nice piece of furniture in the house.
The electrician can now mount the spots that come along the staircase.

Stairs seen from the attic

The photo was taken from the attic

The stairs end in the attic towards the living room.
Therefore, I want to try if the TV can fit in front of the railing that goes around the stairwell.


Space for TV in the attic.

Must have a junction box embedded in the floor in front of the railing to the stairs.
In this, electricity and fiber will be fed to the TV.
Have plans to bring in a small home theater facility as well.
Will surely be a combined solution with amplifier, Blue-ray player and speakers in one.
Is not a big fan of such solutions in the first place,
but must be a little jealous of the collar up here.

Tiles on the bathroom floor

Tiles on the bathroom floor in the attic.

The floor tiles in the attic bathroom are almost finished as well.
The plinth tile remains to be installed, so there is grouting before the plumber can get here as well.

Bathroom fittings from Foss Bad.

Bathroom fittings from Foss Bad.

In our main bathroom there is also some of the decor.
Remains to mount overhead cabinet with mirror and shower enclosure.
Next week there will be a kitchen, and parquet in the living room can probably also be laid.
Also get to invite mom on a little tour now that the stairs are mounted.
She is afraid of ladders and anything higher than 1m above the ground,
so she has not been to the attic yet 🙂

Installation of bathroom furniture.

Finally, the time has come to put in place bathroom furniture in the home.
The plumber will install most things, except the furniture in the attic bathroom, which I got cheaply as a demo item.
In the attic there will be a Seven D bathtub from Porsgrund Bad, shower corner
and bathroom furniture from Talgø.

On the main floor, there will be a Showerama 8-5 shower cubicle from Porsgrund.
Foss Bathroom in the series Nova bathroom furniture 180cm and eventually a whirlpool.

Down in the basement there will be only a simple bathroom with toilet and 90cm bathroom furniture.

Toilet in Vanghus

First toilet fitted.

Of course there will be a toilet in each bathroom as well.
What I am most excited to try is the shower enclosure from Porsgrund.
Things start at all and wind up together into a good end product.
The hope of getting in well before Christmas is even closer to a reality.

Painting the fiber plaster with silicate paint

Helga has agreed to paint the fiber plaster on the basement walls.
I use a Weber.ton 303 Silicate paint that makes the fiber plaster rainproof.
Without this paint, in fact, the fiber plaster is almost like a sponge that sucks water.
This is especially true at the bottom of the walls towards the terrain.
At winter temperatures, there is a risk of cracking and cracking of the plaster.
You should also use a starting strip that is slightly up from the ground, and against which you finish the fiber plaster.

Paint with silicate paint

Pre-painted fiber plaster.

It is most important to finish the paint where there is a risk of rain.
Therefore, I started painting this corner which is most exposed.

The paint is available in many different colors.
We chose a gray-blue shade that we think will go well with the other colors on the outside. Now the color will probably change a little the first two weeks and then stay healthy and nice for years, we can hope :).
Maling av fiberpuss med silikatmaling.
Here it is painted past the large window in the middle.
After that, a fiber plaster looks untreated.

Painting of fiber plaster

Almost finished.

Finally, an overview of the house.
A little more to paint against the road, but am quite happy with the weekend's efforts.
Just hoping for good weather for a few more days and the rest will get some coats as well.
The concrete walls that have not been plastered must also be painted with the silicate paint.
But I may wait with them until spring again.
Is not something on the walls that can be destroyed by frost at least.

Widescreen review som app

widescreen review as app
Is a long time since I read widescreen review on a regular basis.
Most of the reason is that it is difficult to find where I live.
But now it has come as an iPad app. One can easily download it electronically.
And that at a much lower price than what I used in say time.
So a little encouragement to anyone who likes home theater, download the Widescreen Review app.


Vanghuset is taking shape.

Have had a couple of nice days in Oslo at a wedding party with good friends.
But our Vanghuset now needs an effort to be finished.

View from Vanghuset.

View from bedroom in the attic.

Is otherwise nothing to say on the progress of the house.
Moldings in the ceiling are finished in large parts of the shed and the lining of windows is underway.
The picture above shows the view out of the windows in one of the bedrooms in the attic,
and down on Florøvika.

View from the attic.

View from the attic.

The windows in the attic open to Nordneset and Florøvika.
Should be nice to be able to sit and just enjoy the view when everything is done.
Along the edge of the opening down to the kitchen,
there is a glass railing that also continues out onto the terrace.

The large tiles in the entrance area of the basement will soon be completed.
Soon just the grouting again. Think this was an Italgraniti from Flisekommpaniet.

Here the picture is taken the other way in the hallway.
The pipe is soon dry enough to be painted.
The pipe was fiber polished a week ago now.

Lining of garage wall in Vanghuset.

Lining of the garage wall.

Also works outside in the garage lining the concrete wall facing the house.
There is a requirement for as much insulation on the outside as on the inside of concrete walls.
This is according to the new tek10 requirements that apply now.
Here it will now be insulated and then plated with plaster afterwards.


A trip to Oslo

Just a small update from the capital. This weekend there will be no work by me at the house. Is in Oslo to join the wedding party.

But dad has at least finished the tiles in the main bathroom, plus the tiles in the hallway downstairs have started. So things happen even if one takes care rather than detours.

Backyard in Oslo

We are housed in the apartment of the sister of Vibeke. Here is a picture of the backyard. Lots of nice fall colors here now.
Artistic art along the Akerselva.

The page will probably not be updated until we have returned home, and can start at the house and home cinema again.