First furniture is in place !!

Then the furniture has started to find its way to the new house.
The first thing that was moved was a bookcase of the heavy variety made in India.
The whole piece of furniture is nailed together into a large and heavy lump that is not very mobile.
Therefore, I took the liberty of borrowing a crane truck from our company.
We were three men who pulled the case out of the old house and onto the terrace.
From there it was hoisted on the loading platform and driven straight out to Vanghuset, where it was hoisted further straight into the terrace door and into the living room.
So there was a minimum of carrying on the gadget, something I think we can all be happy about.
I think the case is about 150kg heavy.

India reol

Bookcase made in India.
Heavy as lead according to my helpers.

Also used the opportunity to move the salon upstairs from the home theater in the same sling.
Then I could use the crane truck to hoist it up to the top floor as well.

The lounge from the home theater

The lounge from the home theater.

Also put up the first bed in the guest room.
All you have to do is put on bed linen and find the pillow, so you can spend the night.
But will have to wait until the approval from the municipality has arrived.
Has at least started with the first furniture, and there will be more.

The bed is ready for guests.

Gin crystal ceiling light.

Today we hung a Gin Crystal ceiling lamp over the open area in the kitchen.
Became a real eye-catcher that gave good and nice light.
The whole stasis came in small parts that were wrapped and taped well separately.
Was a real hassle to remove all the packaging.
Everything then had to be hung up one by one in the round base at the top.
Luckily had a steady ladder that I put against the wall above the large windows.

Gin ceiling light

Give ceiling light over the open area in the kitchen.

The lamp shows extra well up from the attic.

The light was also connected to the bathroom fixtures in our main bathroom.
This is a Foss decor of 180 width and two sinks.
Seems like there will be enough light in this home at least.

Light in Foss bathroom decor

Light in Foss bathroom decor

The handover was also made today.
It eventually became a fairly long list of deficiencies that must be rectified before the house is ready for occupancy. Much due to the plumber who has not managed to finish yet,
plus the timeless glass railing.
But the washing up is well underway, and the first pieces of furniture will be moved in tomorrow.

Soon delivery of our house !!

Keeps up with the final touches to the house before handover on Friday.
Small details that actually take some time to complete.
Today it was installation of a fan, laying laminate pieces in a hatch that covers sockets in the floor, and then installation of an adjustment plate over the stove.
In addition, I have cleaned out all the insulation that was left in the garage.
I would get the insulation plus some plasterboard if I could take some of the small putty that was left here.

The fan is mounted

The fan was a bit tricky to install. Was a little short pipe for the vent, so had to build a bench under which it could lie on until the pipe was attached to the fan.


Adjustment over stove

Adjustment plate over stove was slotted down to the right width and glued in place.
Is a kind of one-sided tape that holds it.

hatch over electrical outlets

Hatch floor was clad with laminate.
Did not get the pattern to match completely.
But think it's okay.

Tomorrow we start washing out. Begins in the attic to work our way down.
Constantly approaching occupancy. Only handover, the glass in the railing and then approval from the municipality. Bet on being in the house in about 14 days 🙂

Assembly of kitchen board.

As I mentioned earlier, the Fibo-Trespo Kitchen Board must be installed
over the worktop where the cooking zone is.
That is, from the tall window into the corner and to the sliding door.
Have spent a few hours this weekend assembling this.
Was also a lot of work to close the hole behind the fan.

Kitchen boards must be mounted on the walls around the hob.

Kitchen boards must be mounted on the walls around the hob.

The fan hood is only attached to the sides of each wall cabinet.
Then space is made for a fan that builds about 40cm.
The rest of the space behind was open so you could see right under the roof.
I started to seal this with the same plates that were used in the laundry room.
Just put a few nails on the walls, adjusted the plate and screwed it along the sides.
After that I could start on kitchen boards.
First I screw and grout an aluminum strip along the bench against the wall.
Then you have to adjust the plates under the top cabinets.
A little tricky to get, but by taking the time to help, it went pretty well.

Plating med fibo trespo kitchen board

Have the plate sealed the hole behind the fan before I started with the Fibo plates themselves.

In the picture below you can see the hole for the fan, my fairly good plating behind it,
and then customization of the Fiboplata.
The white box in front of the fan is a stove guard like
should turn off the oven if a pan boils dry.
It knocked out twice when I was lying and working the hardest under there.
Do not know if it was the juicy words or body heat that
seemed most decisive on it.

Plating under the fan.

Plating with kitchen board under fan.

Kitchen board baseboard

After adjusting the plates for wall cabinets, sockets and corner moldings,
Should all the plates on the same wall be set up in the bottom list at the same time.
It turned out to be a direct shit job. Had many rounds of sawing and adjusting before it flapped in place. And then I could not afford to make mistakes since I only had just enough records for the job.

Fibo trespo boards are mounted

Fibo trespo boards are mounted

The result was good in the end. Now electricians can finish assembling
sockets and spotlights over window. and the plumber can turn on the faucet in the sink.
Hoping for water connection tomorrow.

Finished plate with Fibo Trespo kitchen board

Fibo Trespo Kitchen Board is fully assembled.

Finally managed to get a good fire in the wood stove as well.
Was probably a little damp wood that was used the first time.

Finally fire in the oven

Finally fire in the oven

The kitchen is fitted !!

Then the jaggu kitchen is also somewhat taken care of.
Missing some small details around the extractor fan,
plus a window in a cupboard door was shattered in transport.
Hope there will be quick things to fix.
Have spent the evening sawing holes for a record top from Samsung .
And put in place a Samsung steam oven . Discovered that it was made too large opening for this, but should be possible to just move down the shelf and cabinet door over the stove.

The kitchen is fitted.

Kitchen from Sigdal. Quite a long worktop of a total of 7.5 m

Inside the large metal thing in the corner comes the fan.
Became a little bigger than I had imagined.
Just got some Fibo-Trespo Kitchen Board in the area around the cooking zone.

The kitchen from Sigdal

Hob from Samsung and Røros Orion corner fan.

Steam oven from Samsung

High cabinet with space for steam oven from Samsung and refrigerator.


The picture taken against the sliding door out into the hallway.

The guys who assemble the railing were here today as well.
But for some reason the glass in the railing has not come into place yet.
Is probably something that is missing I think.


The glass railing inside is almost finished,
only glass is missing 🙂

The stove is pre-assembled with what is needed of flues and
supply air and various other gadgets. But there was little guy to get in it.
After a lot of lighter briquettes and half a matchbox,
there was little reminiscent of a warm and good flame.
Maybe the birch block I had was not as dry as I thought.
Will try next time with something I'm sure is dry.

Scan 59 oven.

Tried to fire up the stove without much luck.



Test of led spots.

Has finally got on the power in the fuse box (ie it is only temporarily connected to the building power yet). So now I have gone through to check how the light was in the different rooms, especially excited where there are led spots.
Have heard a bit different opinions about what light these joint spots give.
But I think they are quite similar to ordinary halogen spots.
Became a pretty warm and comfortable light of them.
Have taken some pictures from the house that show a little how the light was.

Test of Led spotter.

In the hallway down towards the front door.

Taken from the front door downstairs.

Taken from the front door downstairs.

Stairs in the basement with led spots that light up the stairwell.

Stairs in the basement with led spots that light up the stairwell.

From the kitchen to the living room.

From the kitchen to the living room.

Slightly different angle to the row of windows from the kitchen.

Slightly different angle to the row of windows from the kitchen.

Taken from the living room to the kitchen.

Taken from the living room to the kitchen.

Has placed a wood stove so that the carpenter could list around and over the glass plate under the stove.
It is not that big, but still weighs 110kg.
Got a little long in the arm by hauling it in place.

Oven from scandic

Oven from scandic

Stairs to the attic

Stairs to the attic.
The LED spots can be turned on and off on each floor.

Living room in the attic. Here, too, there are joint spots.

Living room in the attic.

An image created using Revit Autocad.

An image created using Revit Autocad.

Picture made from a Revit drawing from the attic.

Picture made from a Revit drawing from the attic.

The bottom two pictures are something I made using Revit.
I drew the whole house in 3D before I started taking pictures in the model from different angles.
Was quite similar to the end result I think.
Should get some pictures taken from the home theater also when it approaches a little more completely drawn.

Glass railings are mounted.

We have decided to use glass railings on the upper balcony,
and on the edge of the attic floor towards the opening down to the main floor.
The fitter has finally started the assembly, and is finished on the outside of the balcony.

Glass railing pre-assembled

Glass railings pre-assembled on the outside.

The glass railing outside is of a slightly stronger type than inside.
That is, the posts are 10x10cm and the top list is about 5x15cm.
But even though it is quite powerful,
so I'm not entirely happy with the rigidity of the railing.
Can actually bend it quite well outwards at the top when leaning against it.
It is not attached to the wall on the sides, which would have stiffened it up much more.
Afraid a small autumn storm will shake off the entire railing if it is not fastened better.

Glass railings inside

Glass railings inside.

Inside along the edge towards the opening down to the lower floor,
a much slimmer railing has been set up.
Here, there are pipe profiles that will hold the glass panels in place.
As you can see, this is not finished yet.
Were some pipe profiles that did not fit completely against the existing wall.
So far it looks very good at least.

Glass railings down to the kitchen.

Glass railings down to the kitchen.

The next item on the program for me will be to pick up / assemble the wood stove.
Hope to get this done over the weekend.
And after the weekend, I am promised a finished kitchen, running water and electricity.
So a lot to look forward to in the next few days.

Planning a home theater

Since I do not have much left to do even at home now,
then I can start planning the home theater in rough outline.

Floor plan of home theater.

The picture above shows something like how I intend to design the cinema.
Click Home Cinema - Sheet - A101 - Unnamed to download a pdf version.
As stated earlier, all walls are internally set up on a floating floor with clearance to existing walls.
There will be room for 6 cinema chairs in two rows with about 3 and 4.25m for the screen.
The rear row is raised about 30cm above the front to get good visibility.
And two steps are made up to the upper level on both sides of the row of chairs.
Otherwise, there will be room for everything technical, (amplifier, blu-ray, etc.) at the back right.
It must be possible to close with a door in either glass or metal.

In front, there will be a frame of the canvas that can accommodate the speakers.
This frame is probably pulled in one or another speaker fabric.

Section of home theater.

Click home theater section to download a larger version of the drawing.
Have plans to have a sunken ceiling around the walls to be able to run cables
to speakers and power without having to make holes in the walls.
This is to have the least possible sound penetration.
Will probably be changed a lot during the construction.
But has a good starting point for further planning of home cinema.
Below are the floor plans from the basement which show where the existing outer walls go.

House building - a small update.

Has been little to write about lately.
Has been a bit discharged after a trip to Gol and a celebration of mom and dad.
But I have then had to do some house building as well.
Have, among other things, laid the laminate floor in one bedroom down in the basement.
It is a very simple cheap type that costs about NOK 100 m2.
Do not need anything that costs much inside such a room.

Laying of laminate flooring

Laying of laminate in the bedroom / office in the basement

Has also installed the bathroom fittings in the attic bathroom.
A Talgø decor of 90cm with high cabinets on one side.
Of course, managed to smash the mirror in one corner.
Should just put it from me on the floor up on a cardboard box.
It turned out not to be so wise, since it slipped and the whole sulamite thumped on the floor.
Probably a 3000kr case and replace, 🙁 but it will go in the big drain.

Talgø bathroom fittings

Installation of Talgø bathroom fittings.

The pipe is also painted finished from top to bottom.
The last part was painted yesterday so that the carpenter could finish the listing.
Goes fast towards completion now. Expect most to be completed within the next month.
So then the rest of the year can agree to move in.
Only after this can I start thinking about the home theater and its construction.

Pipe pre-painted and ready for listing.

Pipe pre-painted and ready for listing.