Calibration of Panasonic TX-P55VT50Y.

Have taken a small calibration round of the Panasonic to see how this works.
Had to first figure out how I got into professional picture mode on tv.
Initially had the settings from THX Cinema to begin the measurements with.
And have to say it was pretty close to perfect both grayscale and gamma. Calibration of Panasonic TX-P55VT50Y.

Panasonic TX-P55VT50Y finally on the wall.

Panasonic TV of the type TX-P55VT50Y has finally come up on the wall in the living room.

Panasonic TX-P55VT50Y.

Panasonic TV with small compact blue ray system from Sony.

Has not been able to calibrate the TV yet since time has passed to screw up various other purchased interior items. But have set up the Sony plant and got things fairly in place.
Have bla set up the ipad to control the whole case, can run most of the media files directly in Panasonicen. That is, you must have a PC or disk with media player on ala Windows Media Player or similar. Panasonic TX-P55VT50Y finally on the wall.

Calibration of the TV picture.

Started testing some calibration on old TV with a new calibration tool,
X-Rite EyeOne Display 3 Colorimeter with ChromaPure.
Have had several of these EyeOne meters before, then to calibrate the Barco in my old home theater. They were decent enough, but they need more light than the X-Rite , so measuring below 20IRE was almost impossible without varying results. Calibration of the TV picture.

Some new art on the walls

Got up some art / pictures on the walls today.
(not my art, but his roommate's at least looks good when it comes up.)
A little measurement, hammering and adjustment, then I got them up somewhat level.
Is just the tip of the iceberg these three pictures I'm afraid, will probably be lots
wall space to be covered.
Took some pictures of the finished result.

Picture made of sheep wool

Nice coastal landscape
The picture is made of sheep wool.


Cohabitant is a cat lover.
Are some pictures of cats going up.


Art image made of string.

A tree made of steel string of different thicknesses.
Pretty cool picture / art


New sound and picture for the living room. Panasonic TV with Sony Blueray.

Have then been shopping for some goodies for the living room.
Ie in Panasonic 55 ″ plasma TX-P55VT50Y .
And a rather hidden compact system with Blueray and amplifier built into the same package,
and Sony BDV-N790W . Is not a fan of such compact things, but when the cohabitant does not want to see such in the living room, you have to lean a little.
Was not quite easy to be allowed to put this in either, even if it does little of itself.

Compact box from Sony. Looks a bit Playstation-like.

Compact box from Sony.
Looks a bit Playstation-like.

I will not get the TV until about a week, so nothing will probably be set up before that.
Maybe the sound system will come up then.
But is the Panasonic I am most looking forward to.
Just a small update on goodies to come.