Acoustics in the home theater.

LENRD bassfeller

LENRD bass traps mounted in the corner behind the front speaker.

Then there are two boxes full of various records and bass straps to rein in acoustics in the home cinema.
Has installed everything to the best of my ability. And just have to say one thing .. This works incredibly well! Acoustics in the home theater.

Tonight's movie is Gravity in 3D.

Gravity in 3D on the big screen

First images from Gravity in 3D on the screen.

Gravity in 3D version I have been looking forward to for a long time. So there will be tonight's movie screening in the home theater.
Can't wait for a lot of action and fun.
Will see if I can bear to post a little review of the film. Now it's action 🙂 Tonight's movie is Gravity in 3D.

The job with Keilevågbrua.

A small job update about Keilevågbrua.
Been little time to update this blog lately ,.
And a lot due to a slightly busy job that requires a little effort in the evenings as well.
Is now fixing up a wooden footbridge that goes over Keilvågen here in Florø.
The bridge has been used a lot by walkers over the years, but due to the load-bearing logs being attacked by piles, the bridge has been closed in recent years. The job with Keilevågbrua.