Glava ceiling tiles

Has placed an order for some Glava ceiling tiles called Glava Super Nova A.
These are painted matt black and have good sound properties, and are therefore well suited for a home cinema.
But for about NOK 10,500, -for 9.5 m2 I would say that they are quite expensive.
The problem is that you have to order whole packages of both suspension rails and plates.
So I have almost enough to twice the area I need.
But if you want to have a starry sky built, I guess I just have to bite into it.
The plates will also have a good acoustic effect on the sound in addition to making it easy to mount the fibers to the starry sky.

I bought a set of fiber optic led lights for the starry sky .
The light source itself will then be inside the technical room and then I feed all the fibers out above the ceiling rails as I lay plates. Have heard that one can easily stick the fibers through the plates without pre-drilling, which is a big plus when there are 600 pieces to go through.

Then the total cost of 9.5m2 with finished starry sky is about NOK 13,000.
Then work effort is not included.
Some will probably think this is heavenly expensive, and it certainly is.
But the effect on both sound and mood makes me think it's worth it.
A Google image search for fiber optic star ceiling shows some of what I want to achieve.

Tonight I hope to get the rest of the ventilation pipes and the valves for these.

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  1. Retraction: Filling of plasterboard. - the film cave

  2. Retraction: Electrical system mounted. - the film cave

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