House for Robomow robotic lawnmower.

House for Robomow

Newly moved Robomow in the new house.

As I said, I bought a Robomow TS 1000 to take care of some of the most boring things I know, namely mowing the lawn. After a number of running-in problems, it has now found itself quite comfortable on the site. Thought then that it was time to build a house for Robomow.

house to Robomow.

Two of the pages are whole. Ie west and south side. It is from the edge that sun and wind are most on.

house to Robomow

The angle bars are screwed into the corners of the house with French wood screws. The angles are knocked about 20cm into the ground.

Bought in impregnated 30 × 48 and 16 × 98 which formed nails and walls / roofs of the house, respectively.
Screwed everything together with 42mm long patio screws. Around the corners I then attached galvanized angle iron which is knocked about 20cm into the ground. These must of course be knocked down before you put the house in place. My method was to put the house roughly where it should go over the charging station first, and then knock the angle bars down a bit so that they were in the right place when I removed the house again. Then I just had to lower the angles as far as I could. The total length of the iron is about 50cm. Then lift the housing into place and screw the angle brackets into each corner of the housing. Be sure to lift it slightly up from the lawn so that the wood gets some aeration.
In total, this house costs between NOK 400, -500. And then you have to count on 2-3 hours of work to get it in place. I must also expect some paint eventually, but it must surely be on those that are finished as well.

Has a simple pdf file with a drawing of the lawnmower house. This is just to download and use if you need such a house and want to try to build it yourself. It is also up to each individual to build 3 whole walls instead of 2 if one wants to.
For my part, it is so warm and little wind from that edge, so I think it holds with 2 whole walls.
Did not draw in the angle iron. I reckon every single one finds out for themselves. Here one can safely use slightly different methods as well. Maybe 1 ″ pipe as a fastener with large knuckles el.
The most important thing is that it is stable so that the wind cannot speed it up.
Download drawing of lawn mower house.

PS: En liten oppdatering av huset til Robomow måtte til etter en sesongs drift.

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