Independence Day: Resurgence, and a dose of vomit.

Had Independence Day: Resurgence in 4K format tonight.

Being able to sit down with a good movie in the home theater has not been a matter of course in the last month. We've got a little brother in the house who does not always allow me to run away for a couple of hours to watch a movie. Well, anyway, I was well on my way to the movie, and had a good time with some whiskey in the glass and potato chips in the bag. Independence Day: Resurgence has a lot of action with a lot of sound and film effects, a little unsure if the action is as good. But managed to let me entertain enough that I did not fall asleep at all.

After about 1 hour, the door to the home cinema was pulled open and the cohabitant rushed in with the message that our girl was spitting all over her bed. Talk about being brutally dragged back to reality. Was just getting up in the nursery and changing bedding and washing / rinsing on vomit. To then have a night out with our poor little miss.

So there was no perfect movie night, which is becoming rarer and rarer here in the house. But expect to catch it again another time.

Independence Day: Resurgence is not of the same caliber as its predecessor. But get to try to see it done. Maybe tonight😀

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