Updating house for Robomow

House for Robomow

Here you see the house after the two corner supports against the lawn have been removed / moved.

House for Robomow

Here you can see that the end wall has been removed so that the charging contact of the charging station shows. Then there is no chance that Robomow will get stuck in the house itself.

Robomow's house has now stood for 1 season.
And as many times before, it turns out that you have to adjust a little on things before they work optimally.
Seemed like everything worked the first few months after the house was put in place. Updating house to Robomow

House for Robomow robotic lawnmower.

House for Robomow

Newly moved Robomow in the new house.

As I said, I bought a Robomow TS 1000 to take care of some of the most boring things I know, namely mowing the lawn. After a number of running-in problems, it has now found itself quite comfortable on the site. Thought then that it was time to build a house for Robomow. House for Robomow robotic lawnmower.