The kitchen is fitted !!

Then the jaggu kitchen is also somewhat taken care of.
Missing some small details around the extractor fan,
plus a window in a cupboard door was shattered in transport.
Hope there will be quick things to fix.
Have spent the evening sawing holes for a record top from Samsung .
And put in place a Samsung steam oven . Discovered that it was made too large opening for this, but should be possible to just move down the shelf and cabinet door over the stove.

The kitchen is fitted.

Kitchen from Sigdal. Quite a long worktop of a total of 7.5 m

Inside the large metal thing in the corner comes the fan.
Became a little bigger than I had imagined.
Just got some Fibo-Trespo Kitchen Board in the area around the cooking zone.

The kitchen from Sigdal

Hob from Samsung and Røros Orion corner fan.

Steam oven from Samsung

High cabinet with space for steam oven from Samsung and refrigerator.


The picture taken against the sliding door out into the hallway.

The guys who assemble the railing were here today as well.
But for some reason the glass in the railing has not come into place yet.
Is probably something that is missing I think.


The glass railing inside is almost finished,
only glass is missing 🙂

The stove is pre-assembled with what is needed of flues and
supply air and various other gadgets. But there was little guy to get in it.
After a lot of lighter briquettes and half a matchbox,
there was little reminiscent of a warm and good flame.
Maybe the birch block I had was not as dry as I thought.
Will try next time with something I'm sure is dry.

Scan 59 oven.

Tried to fire up the stove without much luck.