Drawings of the home theater

On this page I will post the drawing material that I have used to build the home theater. Here will probably be both old outdated drawings and revisions that show how things develop as things fall into place.

The drawings are mostly made in Sketchup ,
which is Google's drawing program for easy 3D drawing.
It should be noted that nothing is designed with load-bearing structures in mind.
These drawings deal only with the principle of space in space solution,
and is based on browse solutions found in Auralex THE ACOUSTICS 101 ROOM.

The site will be updated continuously as the home theater is built.

Front wall animation.

Drawings and solutions can be used freely at your own risk.
Do you want to use these on existing websites,
I ask that you link back to www.filmhulen.com
Do you have questions about drawings, solutions or anything else on this page,
so leave a comment below.

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