The entrance to the movie theater.



Just a small sample of posts from the iPad.
Me and the little one are standing in front of the front door in the basement.
In the door here behind the concrete walls, space has been set aside for the home cinema.
The room is now insulated and plastered.
The concrete floor in the home cinema is lowered 20cm in relation to the rest of the basement floor.
On the concrete, the floor will be built of chipboard and 2 × 4 which are placed on rubber blocks.
On this again, inner walls with a 2 × 4 sound ceiling are set up. A room-in-room solution that should provide good sound insulation.

New house, new home theater.

My new house of the type Vang

Our new house will soon be ready for occupancy, and thus it is also possible
to embark on a dedicated home theater.
Construction of the home cinema and the follow-up of this,
is a bit of a reason why this blog was started.
But I will be able to slip into other topics as time goes on.

My old home theater

Has had a home theater for almost 12 years in a vertically divided semi-detached house.
This is located in the attic on floating floors and extra insulated walls facing the neighbor.
Has worked just fine, but there has probably been some noise to others,
without me having heard any complaint for that reason yet.

Is now in the final phase of tiling and other interior work in the new house.
So the goal is to be ready to move in a few weeks before Christmas.
Planning for the home theater is in full swing anyway.
Drawing of what it should all look like will come eventually.

So with that, I hope those who are interested in home theater, film,
audio and video will find some inspiration here on the blog as things start to happen.