Julestria is over

Relocation, Christmas mas and various work-related excursions, have resulted in a rather poor update here.
But let's take a little summary after the worst chase has subsided.

The handover went pretty smoothly.
The only thing was that I had been too eager to turn down various things,
such as curtain rods, hat shelves and mailbox.
Had to return them to the buyer before everything was fine.
But it had to be painted in all rooms, so saved enough buyer for some work I would think.
Otherwise, time has passed to clean out the intermediate warehouse, ie the neighboring house owned by the in-laws.
It had to be cleaned before Christmas, as it was to be used to house various Christmas guests.
Still, most of it is in boxes around the house,
but reckons it will work out eventually.

Has also taken us time to bring the first Christmas tree into the home.
Became a case of over 3m height.
Put it where the open area to the attic is.
Fits quite well, but curtain stairs are necessary to decorate the thing.

Christmas tree in our new house.

Our Christmas tree in the year 2012.

Then I hope that the time extends a little more to next year.
Will probably not be as many hours of work in the evenings and weekends ahead as it has been this year. The only thing is to be able to spend some quality time building a home theater.
Will prioritize it when I get a little okay with the other thing in this house.
Then the people will have a happy new year. Hoping for a good rib and some Christmas beer + aquavit on New Year's Day itself.

Ready for delivery soon.

Washing out of the old house before handing over is finally done.
And tomorrow it will be handed over to the buyer.
Has been a tough program in recent weeks with moving and preparing the new house,
at the same time as one must prepare the old for moving in.
But as I said, most things should now be taken care of.

Was almost a little sad to walk through the house one last time.
There are some memories left in the walls after 12 years.
Lots of good movies that have been seen in the home theater, among others.
A little strange to see it empty, except for the canvas and the Barco then.
Took some pictures from the empty rooms today.

Empty home theater

. The home theater is washed down and vacuumed.

The bedroom upstairs outside the home theater.

The bedroom upstairs outside the home theater.

Stairs down to the main floor.

Stairs down to the main floor.



Living room

And finally a bit of the kitchen.

And finally a bit of the kitchen.

In the kitchen I also had to unscrew the base cabinet next to the oven.
I have had an old oven of obsolete size, so the opening for it had to be widened.
Luckily there were only 2 screws and some moldings that had to be removed to get it loose.

Looking forward to a time when I no longer have two houses to take care of.
Lasts a long time at once.
I also hope now to have more time to concentrate on home cinema.
Will probably not be until after Christmas that something can start to happen there.

Chaotic states.


Have been a few days with a lot of work, moving, washing and little time for anything else.
Has therefore not been able to prioritize updating the blog.
As you can see, there are boxes on boxes with stasis that need to be unpacked and unpacked.
Probably has 40 such red mailboxes that need to be emptied.
Is just to hang in.

Had first night in the new house on Monday.
Became a bit chaotic to say the least.
But now feel that things are starting to normalize again.
The cat was a bit stressed the first few days.
And it didn't get any better that he had to be inside all the time either.
Teodor has also been a bit out of the first time.

But today it seems that he has also found peace here in everything new.
Then it's night from here. Is tired as hell, and has to sleep a little before tomorrow starts.
The next item on the program is to wash out the old cake, so that it can be handed over to the new owner.
In other words, there is a lot to do before the Christmas holidays start.