Construction of a platform for seating.

Have spent the last two evenings building the platform for the cinema seats.
Or rather, there will probably be some cinema sofas with recliners.
Have first laid out 2 × 4 on the lowest level, where the front row of chairs comes.
And then I put 3 2 × 8 across these again.
And finally, 2 × 4 was used on the last layer.
Everything is screwed together well and the glava fills all the cavities.

Then I get 3 levels inside the home theater.
Level 1 is finished floor height, which is about the same height as the floor otherwise in the basement.
And then it is up about 12cm to the level where the front row of chairs will be.
Finally, there is another 30cm up to the rear level, ie 42cm in total from the finished floor.
Gets low under the roof at the back, (about 1.8m) but one should mostly sit down in the cinema seats anyway. Will probably be someone who sticks his head there.
Is now just to screw on chipboard to the floor and then build the sloping wall for technical room.
Also thought of building the truss for the stage and the immersion around the roof.
Because then it should be possible to have traction pipes laid for all the technical equipment.

First layer with 2x4

First layer with 2 × 4 laid on the platform.

Construction of platform for seating area.

2 × 8 plus 2 × 4 on top to raise the back row with cinema chairs 30cm above the front row.

Swell to technical room

Sleepers for technical rooms are cut to size.
But must lay floorboards before this can be attached.


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