GHOST RECON BREAKPOINT tips for beginners.

Thought I would post a few startup tips for those who want to play GHOST RECON BREAKPOINT.
Some like to find out everything themselves as a player while others like to have a little help along the way.


In the game you have to choose a class where you can specialize, and these have different advantages, abilities, strengths and a bonus technique or boost (whatever you want to call it).
The 6 different classes that you can choose from at the moment are:

Skill: health, assault rifle and shotgun.
Technique: True Grit reduces recoil, increases damage resistance.

Equipped with a scanner that reveals all enemy positions in the surrounding area.
Equipped with a shock gun.
Increased stealth, especially in dark environments. -
Pistols can automatically snap at the head of the enemy for head shots when detected.

Can launch an attack drone against enemies.
Has supply drones that contain ammo and explode when fired.
Bonus damage when using grenade launchers.

Field Medic:
Medkit to heal / boost the health of a player or teammate.
Skill: Quickly revives teammates, carries bodies faster and revives itself faster.
Technique: Healing Drone that revives teammates.

Have cloaking spray to become invisible to drones.
Professional skills: bonus to stealth and speed of movement.
Handguns and submachine guns with silencers are fully damaged.
Technique: "Cloak & Run" puts out a smoke screen.

Has a Grenade Launcher sensor that is able to mark enemies in a large area. Skill: can hold your breath for a long time while aiming with sniper rifles and DMRs.
Technique: Armor Buster ammo for increased bullet penetration, damage and muzzle velocity.

Try the different classes and choose the class that best suits your playing style.
For example, I have chosen the sniper class to use the sniper skills.
Many believe that Panther is the best class to start with a lot due to a number of missions that help to be able to sneak in and out of an area without being discovered.
In any case, you are not locked into the class you select during startup.
Here you can switch during the game according to what you feel for. (some must be unlocked with a difference point) One should also rank up the class one is in by doing different tasks.
You can go to the Loadout menu and hover over the class icon to see the current Rank Up challenges.

Hold breath

For some reason, it was hard to hold my breath when I aimed the sniper rifle in the X-box version of Ghost Recon.
Should use the same button as the sight button. But I never managed to hold my breath no matter how hard I tried. Finally had to switch that function to another button on the control.
Then I finally managed to carry out the challenges that came with holding my breath.

In GHOST RECON BREAKPOINT, you must choose classes that you can specialize in.
I have chosen sniper as my class. You may want to perform the challenges so that you rank higher, and get more benefits in the given class.

Choose the right skills for your playing style.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has a skill system that allows you to choose from a variety of skills to customize and update your own Ghost. You gain experience points as you complete more tasks and missions. These in turn will give you skill points that you can use to acquire more skills.
Some of the skills that are relevant first are being able to use a parachute, night vision and a bonus on XP (20% more experience points). It is a good idea to start with the XP bonus first as it allows you to gain more points more quickly. Eventually, one will unlock the opportunity for a lot of other fun.
Browse, Syncshot Drone is one of my favorites.


The drone that one is equipped with uses one to find out where the enemy is lurking and how many opponents one has to contend with. Everyone that the drone detects will be marked in the same way as when using binoculars on a weapon or by using binoculars.

Syncshot Drone

Syncshot Drone enables you to kill up to 4 enemies at once.
Aim at an enemy and let the Syncshot Drone fly over him, waiting for you to either launch more or let it go. You can put out 3 pieces at a time and by aiming and shooting with a rifle at the 4 enemy, you can kill 4 pieces in one snap. Also nice to use where you have no visibility towards the enemy. Selected opponents can be marked with a Syncshot Drone.

Locked doors

At first I was frustrated by some buildings and rooms that were locked and it was clearly marked with a chest or other snack behind the door. Spent a long time finding out that one could carry a killed enemy, then these doors would open and all the goodies were available.


Helicopters are the fastest means of transportation in Ghost Recon.
And the largest attack helicopters are also well armed.
I often use helicopters to attack bases when there is no requirement to be invisible in and out.
For one is discovered when one comes thundering with rockets and machine guns.
If you see smoke columns when you are out flying, you should fly down to where the smoke comes from.
There you will discover bivouacs which are small tent camps scattered throughout the archipelago.

Helicopters are the best means of transportation in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
Helicopters are the best means of transportation in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
Her er det røyksøyle fra en bivouac i horisonten.


All bivouacs can have a quick trip to by clicking on those in the map. In the map, the tent camps that have been discovered will be marked, and it is possible to travel to. In the camps, it will also be possible to make various aids as long as you have the right resources. Browse, you can make grenades, syncshot drone and other things that are essential when you go on a mission. If you want, you can change class so that you are more adapted to a current assignment.
Vehicles owned by an owner can also be ready when leaving the tent camp. A little miracle there 😉.
Many of these "benefits" can be turned off in the settings for a more realistic gaming experience.

In a bivouac, you can shop in a store, make various aids, eat, change classes and get vehicles. By changing the level of difficulty in the game, one can opt out of a number of options.

More tips eventually.

GHOST RECON BREAKPOINT is a great game with many missions and many places to explore. I occasionally post some videos of some assignments or the like on youtube .
Otherwise I might post a post with more tips about this game.
As I said, I think this is one of the better games so far this year :).

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