Assembly of kitchen board.

As I mentioned earlier, the Fibo-Trespo Kitchen Board must be installed
over the worktop where the cooking zone is.
That is, from the tall window into the corner and to the sliding door.
Have spent a few hours this weekend assembling this.
Was also a lot of work to close the hole behind the fan.

Kitchen boards must be mounted on the walls around the hob.

Kitchen boards must be mounted on the walls around the hob.

The fan hood is only attached to the sides of each wall cabinet.
Then space is made for a fan that builds about 40cm.
The rest of the space behind was open so you could see right under the roof.
I started to seal this with the same plates that were used in the laundry room.
Just put a few nails on the walls, adjusted the plate and screwed it along the sides.
After that I could start on kitchen boards.
First I screw and grout an aluminum strip along the bench against the wall.
Then you have to adjust the plates under the top cabinets.
A little tricky to get, but by taking the time to help, it went pretty well.

Plating med fibo trespo kitchen board

Have the plate sealed the hole behind the fan before I started with the Fibo plates themselves.

In the picture below you can see the hole for the fan, my fairly good plating behind it,
and then customization of the Fiboplata.
The white box in front of the fan is a stove guard like
should turn off the oven if a pan boils dry.
It knocked out twice when I was lying and working the hardest under there.
Do not know if it was the juicy words or body heat that
seemed most decisive on it.

Plating under the fan.

Plating with kitchen board under fan.

Kitchen board baseboard

After adjusting the plates for wall cabinets, sockets and corner moldings,
Should all the plates on the same wall be set up in the bottom list at the same time.
It turned out to be a direct shit job. Had many rounds of sawing and adjusting before it flapped in place. And then I could not afford to make mistakes since I only had just enough records for the job.

Fibo trespo boards are mounted

Fibo trespo boards are mounted

The result was good in the end. Now electricians can finish assembling
sockets and spotlights over window. and the plumber can turn on the faucet in the sink.
Hoping for water connection tomorrow.

Finished plate with Fibo Trespo kitchen board

Fibo Trespo Kitchen Board is fully assembled.

Finally managed to get a good fire in the wood stove as well.
Was probably a little damp wood that was used the first time.

Finally fire in the oven

Finally fire in the oven