Chaotic states.


Have been a few days with a lot of work, moving, washing and little time for anything else.
Has therefore not been able to prioritize updating the blog.
As you can see, there are boxes on boxes with stasis that need to be unpacked and unpacked.
Probably has 40 such red mailboxes that need to be emptied.
Is just to hang in.

Had first night in the new house on Monday.
Became a bit chaotic to say the least.
But now feel that things are starting to normalize again.
The cat was a bit stressed the first few days.
And it didn't get any better that he had to be inside all the time either.
Teodor has also been a bit out of the first time.

But today it seems that he has also found peace here in everything new.
Then it's night from here. Is tired as hell, and has to sleep a little before tomorrow starts.
The next item on the program is to wash out the old cake, so that it can be handed over to the new owner.
In other words, there is a lot to do before the Christmas holidays start.