Gin crystal ceiling light.

Today we hung a Gin Crystal ceiling lamp over the open area in the kitchen.
Became a real eye-catcher that gave good and nice light.
The whole stasis came in small parts that were wrapped and taped well separately.
Was a real hassle to remove all the packaging.
Everything then had to be hung up one by one in the round base at the top.
Luckily had a steady ladder that I put against the wall above the large windows.

Gin ceiling light

Give ceiling light over the open area in the kitchen.

The lamp shows extra well up from the attic.

The light was also connected to the bathroom fixtures in our main bathroom.
This is a Foss decor of 180 width and two sinks.
Seems like there will be enough light in this home at least.

Light in Foss bathroom decor

Light in Foss bathroom decor

The handover was also made today.
It eventually became a fairly long list of deficiencies that must be rectified before the house is ready for occupancy. Much due to the plumber who has not managed to finish yet,
plus the timeless glass railing.
But the washing up is well underway, and the first pieces of furniture will be moved in tomorrow.