First furniture is in place !!

Then the furniture has started to find its way to the new house.
The first thing that was moved was a bookcase of the heavy variety made in India.
The whole piece of furniture is nailed together into a large and heavy lump that is not very mobile.
Therefore, I took the liberty of borrowing a crane truck from our company.
We were three men who pulled the case out of the old house and onto the terrace.
From there it was hoisted on the loading platform and driven straight out to Vanghuset, where it was hoisted further straight into the terrace door and into the living room.
So there was a minimum of carrying on the gadget, something I think we can all be happy about.
I think the case is about 150kg heavy.

India reol

Bookcase made in India.
Heavy as lead according to my helpers.

Also used the opportunity to move the salon upstairs from the home theater in the same sling.
Then I could use the crane truck to hoist it up to the top floor as well.

The lounge from the home theater

The lounge from the home theater.

Also put up the first bed in the guest room.
All you have to do is put on bed linen and find the pillow, so you can spend the night.
But will have to wait until the approval from the municipality has arrived.
Has at least started with the first furniture, and there will be more.

The bed is ready for guests.