Planning a home theater

Since I do not have much left to do even at home now,
then I can start planning the home theater in rough outline.

Floor plan of home theater.

The picture above shows something like how I intend to design the cinema.
Click Home Cinema - Sheet - A101 - Unnamed to download a pdf version.
As stated earlier, all walls are internally set up on a floating floor with clearance to existing walls.
There will be room for 6 cinema chairs in two rows with about 3 and 4.25m for the screen.
The rear row is raised about 30cm above the front to get good visibility.
And two steps are made up to the upper level on both sides of the row of chairs.
Otherwise, there will be room for everything technical, (amplifier, blu-ray, etc.) at the back right.
It must be possible to close with a door in either glass or metal.

In front, there will be a frame of the canvas that can accommodate the speakers.
This frame is probably pulled in one or another speaker fabric.

Section of home theater.

Click home theater section to download a larger version of the drawing.
Have plans to have a sunken ceiling around the walls to be able to run cables
to speakers and power without having to make holes in the walls.
This is to have the least possible sound penetration.
Will probably be changed a lot during the construction.
But has a good starting point for further planning of home cinema.
Below are the floor plans from the basement which show where the existing outer walls go.