The Home Theater Book

Har lagt til en reklame i bloggen for en ebok om bygging av hjemmekino.
I The Home Theater Book, følger en byggeprossessen fra planleggingsstadiet til ferdig hjemmekino.

And you get to see how 10 different home cinemas are made.
Most of the info on how to make a good home theater,
find one if one is just looking in div forum for home theater.
But are some good tips that are collected and can be easy to get with before you start cinema construction.
Have not been able to go through everything in the book yet.
Is quite a lot of video in the member area that shows everything from what one should do to get good acoustics, to how to design a home theater with various drawing programs.

En finner også en hel del skrytevideoer hentet fra Youtube.
Noen av de er:

If you have no experience with building a home cinema, you can easily find all the information you need in one place.
If you have been engaged in this "hobby" for a few years, then you probably have something else to spend your money on. Some new movies for example.