About me and my home theater

My name is Torgeir Sunnarvik, and comes from Florø, Norway's westernmost city.
On a daily basis, I work as a project manager in the construction company
Florø Entreprenør AS
, where I am also one of the owners.
Has been a project manager for the last 15 years in various companies,
before I took the step into the owner side.
Which so far has been positive in many ways.

Me and the little one in my old home theater.

Me and the little one in my old home theater.

In private, I live with Vibeke, and father of Teodor who is now 9 months old when this is being written. Also has the privilege of having a very special cat with the name Purre on loan.
That is, we got him from animal protection almost 6 years ago.

Otherwise, the day goes by quickly when you have a lot of iron in the fire.
Right now, house building is responsible for most of the leisure activity.
We have bought a Blinkhus of the type Vang through the construction company Gravdal.
There I am responsible for everything that has to do with concrete, chipping and sanding of pipes, masonry, etc.
Fortunately, I get a lot of help from my father when my time is not enough.
Started in the early autumn of 2011 and cleared the plot of forest, and now a little over 1 year later the house is soon ready to move into.

Our new Vanghus, where there will also be a new home cinema.

Our new house.

That's when we get to my big hobby, home theater !!
Apart from guitar playing, comics, websites, etc., home theater is my great passion.
Has had some form of home theater for the past 15 years in various sizes.
The first attempts were with a simple widescreen TV of the type crt, connected to a laser disc, with a stereo amplifier and two floor-standing speakers.
Now in recent years I have had a dedicated home theater in the attic of a vertically divided house.
This has been a perfectly decent solution with many good movie moments.
There I drove Denon, together with B&W on the sound side. And a Barco data 801 that showcases with the Pioneer blu-ray player.
But now it's time for an update on that front.
Over the next year, ie 2013, I will build a new home theater in our new house.
This comes in the basement, where it is set aside about 22m2 for the purpose.
The room is now plastered without any paint or anything on the walls.
Here I will use a room in the room solution, where the walls, floor and ceiling of the home theater itself are completely separated from the rest of the house.

I will try to document this process as best I can in the future. That's why I started Filmhulen.com to be able to blog about the progress of both the house and the home cinema.
If I have nothing to write about when I finish, I can start watching some movies 😉

Have a hope to be able to create a blog that will inspire and give tips on both house building and home theater, with most focus on the latest.
Feel free to give feedback via the comment field in the posts, if there is something you are wondering and want to know more about.


11 thoughts on “ About me and my home theater

  1. Hi Torgeir nice cinema you have made. I see you made starry sky with Glava supernova plates. When you put the fibers through the plates, how much air must you have over the plate to clear the turn so that the fibers do not break. I thought of gluing the plates to the ceiling with spacers, does it hold with 1 cm of air above the plate? Struggling a bit with the ceiling height.

    • I probably have about 2.5 cm of air over the plates here with me. I think there were only a few of the fibers that were a problem here when I was going to mount the plate.
      (Ie crack off after installation.)
      Can also stick the fibers slightly at an angle down the plate to get less kink. Then it should go well, at least with the fibers with the smallest diameter.

  2. Hi!

    I will also mount stage molton in ceilings / walls. I see you think it went well with floor glue. It has not pulled through in hindsight? and was the assembly difficult?

    • Hey.

      Yes, went well with regular floor glue.
      The advantage of floor glue is that you have a much longer time before the glue dries.
      This makes it easier to stretch the stage molton properly after it has been glued to the walls / ceiling.
      Have also not seen that it has pulled through anywhere. But of course do not apply too much glue.
      Seems like this was a pig job with pretty much glue everywhere.
      NB: Take the roof first.

    • Just do not remember which one I used.
      And there are probably many types with various characteristics.
      Perhaps a universal floor adhesive is the best, they will handle many different surfaces.

  3. Hello. wants to make a home cinema in the basement, and is looking for solutions around the pipe.
    has an ash / sweeping hatch in the chimney in the basement. should well be a certain distance from plasterboard to the chimney, and that the sweeper can inspect the chimney .. thinking of making an inspection hatch or something .. did you have a chimney in your home cinema .. did you come up with any solutions? karsten

    • Hi. Have been a bit absent when it comes to this blog last year. So sorry for the late response. Guess you've fixed this by now. but still answers 😉 Here in the house, the pipe is right outside the home theater, so no problem with it.
      An ordinary element chimney (leca for example) must have at least two free sides.
      That is, you can nicely dress 2 of the sides on a pipe with plaster or other types of boards.

      But when it comes to error hatches, there are certain rules that must be observed. The hatch must not be closer to combustible materials than 30 cm, and that there should be at least 1.0 m free space in front of the soot hatch.
      May work if non-combustible plates of some kind are used.
      You almost have to check this

      • Thanks for reply. I dropped the baffle wall for now. Rather have a canvas that I hoist down from the ceiling. Enjoy yourself further with the cinema👍

        • I found many good tips in relation to the home cinema I plan, also fun to see old comments / posts from an old friend in here. Did the cinema Karsten Jegstad go well? Haha

          • Hi!
            Thanks for that.

            Has had a busy toddler period where home cinema has not been a priority.
            Thus, there have been rather few updates on this blog.
            But has now upgraded the amplifier to the Marantz Sr8015 and installed 4 Atmos speakers.
            Had intended to post some of what I have done to update things in some posts in the future.

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