Årets spill Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

One hobby that I have been cultivating for a long time at slightly irregular intervals is playing Xbox games.
This year is definitely the game I've played the most, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Break Point.
I do not want to call myself a gaming expert, until then I saw a little too bad. But if I have time, it's fun to sit down for a few hours with a good game. I have returned to Tom Clancy's game series several times over the years.

Has from before Tom Clancy's The Division. Quite a relevant game where the action takes place in Washington DC after a pandemic has put the city and probably the rest of the world in ruins, and where different groups will have control over the scarce resources that are left.
Actually spent most of the time I played last year playing The Division.
Before that again, I played Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands, mostly in 2017.
And then the first game of the Tom Clancy series that I bought in 2016, Rainbow Six Siege.

In Ghost Recon Break Point, the action is set on an archipelago south of the Pacific Ocean.
Here, a giant technology company, Skell Technology, has established a kind of future world "World 2.0". Much of the technology is based on drones and robots that are armed in different ways.

You can choose whether you want to play solo or in a co-op with up to 4 pieces.
I myself have only played solo games and performed the missions in turn.
The game's open world varies from snow-capped mountain peaks to desert and jungle.
Vehicles in all varieties are also fun to try out.
My favorite is flying a helicopter. Fly along the ground towards the enemy, and then send off some rockets is pretty digg.
Otherwise, one has cars of various kinds, boats and motorcycles and probably several things that can be driven.

In the movie below, I have to defeat a swarm of drones and a couple of hefty wheeled robots.
For some reason, the last robot was destroyed, or at least it disappeared before I could fire a single shot at it. So I escaped quite cheaply.
In addition to shooting down drones and robots, 3 relays were to be destroyed before I finished the fight.

My replay of the bossfight in episode 2 The Strategist

Have heard there are many who are dissatisfied with some of the mechanics of Ghost Recon Break Point. And that there have been quite a few bugs. After an update recently, there have been a lot of improvements and something called Immersive Mode.
Haven't tried this myself yet. but should be able to provide a much more realistic and "immersive" gaming experience.

One probably recognizes Jon Bernthal from the Walking death series.

Should not claim that Ghost Recon Break Point is the best game that has come so far this year.
But it is a good game that provides many hours of entertainment and challenges.
It may sound like I play many hours every day, but it may be an average of 1-2 hours a couple of times a week. As a father of small children, I can not allow myself such great excesses 😉

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