The movie cave arose from the dead, right?

Do not know what made me check in at Filmhulen this week?
It had in fact been suspended due to the sending of spam and various other things through the website.
(Someone had managed to hack into the website and used it to send out spam).

After a bit of pressure and a promise that this would not happen again, I finally managed to get Filmhulen up and running again.

So here is a small update on the stand in the home cinema per 2019.
When I look at the Equipment page used in the home theater , there is not much that is updated there.
Same amplifier, YAM AHA Aventage RX-A3030, although I am now slowly starting to get some abstinence. Will probably not be a new purchase there this year, but maybe a little later in the new year.
The Sony VPL-VW500ES projector has not been replaced either. Still think it has a very good picture. Now I have not been able to compare with the newer projectors on the market, but I think I will let this hang from the ceiling for a while longer.
The speaker system is the same based on B&W . Here I will probably have to go and buy a couple of extra speakers in the ceiling behind the Dolby Atmos format eventually.
Otherwise, I actually think the speakers will also be allowed to stand for a while longer.

On the player side, I still have the Samsung UBD-8500 . But after getting the Apple TV 4K into the equipment shelf, it is actually mostly streaming movies from iTunes . Both see and hear that it is better quality when you play from Samsung, but is probably something with the fact that a simple keystroke has a movie ready on the screen, laziness maybe :)

Remaining work in the home theater

There has probably been a bit of laziness when it comes to the final finish at the home cinema as well.
While building the home theater, I bought an electric curtain to have in front of the screen. This should be able to run outwards or inwards depending on which format I was looking at.
This is of course not yet hung up.
Should also mount various remote-controlled LED lights around, scroll under the stair nosings to the second level. this is also not mounted yet.
Has simply been too much else that has taken up my time.
But the fact that the buying urge for new components reappears may mean that the priorities ahead are a little more towards the home cinema again. We'll see 🙂

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