Samsung UBD-8500

A Samsung UBD-8500 has entered the home cinema. This is Samsung's first 4K Blu-ray player, and together with Panasonic are probably the first to come out with such a player. As you know, I have a Sony VW500ES projector , which even though it should be 4K, can not fully take advantage of everything that the UBD-8500 has to offer. I manage full resolution without any problem. But HDR ( High-dynamic-range ), which provides better colors, contrast and light, is not available on Sony. A bit disappointing, but I hope to be able to get an even better picture by tricking an HDfury Integral 4K60. It is supposed to trick Samsung into believing that Sony manages to take advantage of all the features. But since vw500es do not have HDR, it is probably not certain that HDfury has anything to say. Have read a bit on AVSforum about this without getting so much wiser.

Samsung UBD-8500

After the first tests with the player, I am quite happy with the picture it can reproduce. But one thing they have missed out on completely is the remote control.
It was almost useless with buttons that I constantly missed.
Luckily, I was able to program the entire remote into Irule and use the iPad.
Have so far seen 2 movies in 4K format, Martian and Kingsman Which were both great in both picture and sound. I also have Martian in blu-ray format, but have not been able to compare these two yet. Should be a little different when the picture is as big as 114 ″.
But for now, I will try to get more movies with 4K format, just hope they get a little cheaper eventually.
Will try to get a comparison of movies that I have on both blu-ray and 4K as time goes on to a little more.


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